Dual Homed Samba Server Problem

Tacio AGSantos tacio at psmi.com.br
Sat Jul 3 05:17:58 GMT 1999


There may be a simple mistake of mine, but i just can't figure it out:
 I tryed to play around with options but with no success. 
If you could help me i'll be grateful, so that's is my environment:

- there are 2 networks: and
- i've setup up a Linux box with 2 cards : eth0 and eth1
- i have Win9x clients on both networks, ip forwarding is enabled on the Linux
box so i can ping through it.
- I have only one group/domain called PSMI, and i would like to use it for
both networks.
- samba version is 2.0.4b and a have the following smb.conf

#======================= Global Settings =================================
 character set = ISO8859-1
 debug level = 10
 bind interfaces only = yes
 hosts allow = 172.16. ,
 interfaces =
 deadtime = 15
 netbios name = ATILA
 workgroup = PSMI
 server string = Servidor Atila - Samba Server
 max log size = 50
 security = user
 local master = yes
 os level = 33
 domain master = yes 
 wins support = yes
 dns proxy = no 
 preferred master = yes
 domain logons = yes
 logon script = %U.bat
 wins support = yes
 name resolve order = wins bcast 
 ... --//--

- Besides, i use dhcpd to configure my Win9x machines, and there a set up
netbios-name-servers to be and respectvely;

THE PROBLEM IS: Although i get the complete browse list with all machines a
cannot access a machine that's not on the same network. Also, doing
nmblookup i cannot find names from the net , but from the other
network it's OK.

Some questions are:
1. Do i need to set up 2 groups , one for each network?
2. Will i have 2 wins' (nmbds) running, or i can use just one ?

Thanks a lot for your attention,

tacio at psmi.com.br

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