Samba shares accessible from Win98 but not WinNT

Jon Drukman jsd at
Fri Jul 2 17:10:07 GMT 1999

At 06:24 AM 7/2/99 , Dan Boger wrote:
>I had a similar problem, tracked it down eventually to bad hostname
>resolution.  Once I added the server to lmhosts
>(/winnt/system32/drivers/etc from memory) it worked ok, even showed up 
>on the other subnet (using remote announce).  So I'd either try that,
>or make sure you have either wins or valid dns hostname resolution.

as john nelson mailed me privately, the answer was to make sure "Enable DNS
for resolution" was checked on the TCP/IP control panel WINS Resolution tab
on the NT clients.

that solved it.

Jon Drukman
Director Of Technology

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