[Fwd: Re: OS/2 Warp Version 4.0]

Michal Jezierski heja at xox.pl
Fri Jul 2 11:22:50 GMT 1999

Michal Jezierski wrote:

Antonio Sosa wrote:
> Thanks for the e-mail. I'll try the settings today. I am very curious to see
> if they work, because the problems I am experiencing seems half way related
> to announcements from Samba. The AIX box does not show up in OS/2 browser.

Oh, yes, you mean Network -> Connections or so? Strange enough, the
servers' view in OS/2 seems to never refresh in certain conditions. I
prefer OS/2 command line, net view and so on. This is the way we map
network drives every logon. We set up a logon script on every client
(not on samba server because it has to be *.bat for Windoze and *.cmd
for OS/2).
The script does logon with switches (I don't remember the letters at the
moment as I am in the other building at the Linux box) - that is, the
switches that allow domain logons (for backward compatibility with OS/2
Warp Server) and prevent displaying annoying messages saying that the
server does not respond to certain commands. Then it runs
net use q: \\server\homes
(we set browseable = yes for home directories), so when
anybody sits at any machine he or she gets q: as the home drive; then
the script runs another one in user's home directory, which maps the
rest of the drives that this user can access. The scripts in home
directories can be customized by the users, e.g. to change the keyboard
layout to the one preferred.

> I must manually map drives and when I do. I have a problem connecting to
> drives passed root.

I have ho idea what's going on, perhaps smb.conf would help?

> As far as a seperate thread. I would think everyone who has OS/2 would benefit.
> It seems the Samba thread is primarily focused on MS integration.

I totally aggree, and thus I'm CC'ing this letter to the group.

Happy hacking,


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