v.1.9 works, v.2.0 don't

Andrew V. Shuvalov andrew at ecsl.cs.sunysb.edu
Sun Jan 31 20:55:23 GMT 1999

Hi West Goewey,
   sp4 supports only encripted passwords. To set-up read the file
ENCRYPTION.txt in samba distribution. Create accounts in /etc/smbpasswd
as described. Don't forget to activate the account!  ( Using smbpasswd
-e username ). Don't forget to have the account nt_mashine_name$. Should
  I suggest to use samba 1.19, not 2.0 because of problems i


>  im new to linux ..im an MCSE so NT i know, but i teach at a local
> Tech Scholl and just installed With Sucess !! my Linux 5.0i have sp4 ,
> and when i try to connect From NT 4.0 to my Linux/Samba Server , i get
> a "name/pssword" box.No matter user i use : i get "cant logon from
> this workstation"-do you think this is caused by the packet leak?- i
> can go from Samba to NT with no problem- i can telnet into Linux/samba
> no problem- i can see the Server in the NT Browser_ i can acces any
> shares on the Samba any help here would be apprech!!im 1 day into
> Linux and this is the only "item" that wont work west
> goeweywestg at home.com

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