Samba 2.0 User Authentication

schacht schacht at
Sun Jan 31 17:25:23 GMT 1999

Hi folks,

we're running Samba 2.0 on a SuSE 5.3 based System and I have two
questions about an authentication issue:

1: I cannot connect to SWAT as user root because of authentication
failure ("invalid password"). We're using shadow password and I compiled
the Samba-suite with "-Wshadow".

2. We've a share to which every user connects as himself. File
permissions on the UNIX side are that the owner is root with no
permissions to anyone und the owner and read-write permissions for the
group. Of course this works fine locally. The User connects from NT
Workstation, his password is checked against the PDC in the network.

----rwx---   1 root     developer         575 Jan 30 16:38 file.html
----rwx---   1 root     controller          575 Jan 30 16:38

So everyone in the group developer or controller respectively should be
able to write the file. Howerver every user belongs to the primary group
'users' and but the secondary group 'developers'. The problem is, that a
user from the developer group can read the file but not write it.
smbstatus tells me that the user is connected with his username and the
'user' group. Opening the Properties dialog on the NT side shows a
write-protected flag.

Any ideas appreciated, thanks a lot,


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