SWAT (eroneously) reports smbd/nmbd not working

Claudiu Balciza altex at csc.ro
Fri Jan 29 06:52:28 GMT 1999

>> here's the status page (attached) and as you can see one user is logged
>> while smbd/nmbd are !working.
>Is samba actually running? When you do a ps do you see the smbd
>process listed by swat? Try stopping smbd and nmbd and then removing
>the files *.pid and STATUS..LCK from the samba/var/locks directory
>then start swat and see what it reports.

I did stop smbd/nmbd then removed *.pid and STATUS..LCK.
Then I restarted it.
"ps ax" reports "smb -D" and "nmb -D" (see attachment)
yet SWAT declares them "not running"
it is not such a big deal since samba works, but i would like to have this
fine tool reporting properly.


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