Linux/Samba vs NT

Tom Holroyd tomh at
Fri Jan 29 05:49:28 GMT 1999

I was having a discussion with a MS person about the performance of NT.
I got this reply:

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By the way, I looked into that claim that Linux could outperform NT server,
and my source claimed that the test was done on different hardware (i.e. it
was rigged) and that Linux still loses to NT on equivalent HW, although "it
has gotten closer."  Do you have a reference to a particular test that
showed otherwise?


The reference is the claim that Linux with Samba can serve files faster
than an NT server.  Samba's web page says they are fast, but a) on high
end hardware that NT doesn't run on and b) it wasn't Linux.

References that show Linux/Samba to be faster than NT on the same hardware
would be appreciated.

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