Authentication only on NT Boxes not accepted

Stefan Thom stefan.thom at
Thu Jan 28 18:07:04 GMT 1999

Hi myself,

I found the solution of my problem reviewing the logs again:
It seems to be that the samba client uses "NT LANMAN 1.0" as protocol and the NT Client "NT LM 0.12" which seems to have some problems. I switched the
protocol in the smb.conf File from "protocol=NT1" to "protocol=LANMAN1" and - et voila - the domain login works!! But not with long Filenames....
Finally I switched "protocol=LANMAN2" and now everything is fine! Domain login works and Long Filenames are present!

Great! I love Samba!!

Regards Stefan

Stefan Thom wrote:

> Hi folks,
> I'am using Samba 2.0.0 on a Linux and a Sun box and i have the following
> problem: I can log in from a smbclient but not from an NT Client using
> Security=Domain.
> 1.) Doubleclick on the machine opens the password dialouge (which
> should'n appear, beacuse i'am already logged in the domain) Enter my
> domainusername and password. Window dissapears and appears again and
> forces me to enter username and password -> No login possible on Sun or
> Linux box! (negative.log)
> 2.) From the Linux Box to the Sun "smbclinet //spiderman/filesystem -U
> sthom" Password is requested and afer this i'am logged in.
> (positive.log)
> 3.) From the Linux Box to PDC "smbclient //Avenger/TIC -U sthom"
> Password is requested and after this i'am logged in.
> The authentication from the PDC seems only to work only when the the
> login comes from a samba client.
> My Setup:
> * We have here NT Server as the PDC (Avenger)
> * The NT Workstation has SP3
> * This is my SMB global setup:
>    [global]
>      protocol=NT1
>      encrypt passwords = yes
>      security = domain
>      password server = Avenger
>      null passwords = yes
> * The Linux and the Sun box have successfully joined the Domain (*.MAC
> File is present)
> * The Domain Username is existing as a unix user
> Does anybody has a clue why this happens and how i can fix it??
> Regards Stefan

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