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David Collier-Brown davecb at Canada.Sun.COM
Thu Jan 28 13:01:21 GMT 1999

Jandeep S Kang wrote:
> >
> > Hi,
> >  we have installed samba 2.0.0 under solaris. when we try
> > to copy a large directory around 160MB to a folder on samba
> > it stops in the middle with a message like "session
> > cancelled". what is this? did anybody experience the same
> > behaviour. i assume some setting is wrong in the smb.conf
> > or is it something else??
> > thanks.

Andrew Williamson <andrew.williamson at> replied
> I a similar problem once - it actually turned out to be a fault in the
> network cabling of UTP. Only 3 wires out of 4 were connected and it
> worked for small files, but anything large killed it which was very
> strange. I would have thought it would either work or not at all.
> It could also be the bus mastering on a 3com 3c590 card if you have one.
> Check ms support article Q139731 if you use the above network card at

	If this is taking more than a minute, suspect the "45 second tiumeout"
	feature of the MS client.  

	If the transmission is suffering from problems, and goes into
	heavy retransmits, it cxan take more that the 45 second maximum
	time allowed between smb ACKs by ms clients. In the case of
	"raw" transfers, this **could** mean that any file that takes 
	more than 45 seconds to transmit will time out.

	That Would Be Bad (:-))

	As a **pure experiment**, see if "read raw = no" causes the
	problem to go away.  If it does, suspect an underlying problem
	triggering the timeout and start checking hardware.

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