Problems copying many files

dwpalmer at dwpalmer at
Wed Jan 27 17:36:14 GMT 1999

I'm encountering problems copying files from a Windows NT workstation
to a Linux system.  Not all of the files are being copied.

A week ago I submitted a bug report.  The only response was an
automated reply acknowledging that the message was received.  I'm
assuming that they are very busy and have not had time to go through
all of the incoming e-mail.

Maybe someone here could help, or at least replicate the problem.  I
have a small LAN of Windows NT workstations 4.0 SP3 on a 100MB/s
Ethernet using Ethernet Express Pro 100's.  I have one Debian
GNU/Linux 2.0R3 server with Samba 2.0 freshly compiled and installed.
This is on a Pentium Pro with 15MB RAM and 127MB of swap space (was
having problems with BIOS config).

I have 9,600 files, each 40K in size, on one of the NT workstations.
Doing a "cp -a /mnt ." from Linux using smbfs results in only 4,599 of
the files copied.  Using smbtar results in the same problem.  The file
names are in the form "aaaaNNNN.aaaaa", where NNNN is a number from 0
to 9599.

Due to problems booting from the hard drive, I have reformatted and
repartitioned the drive.  I'll try this test again once I have Samba
2.0 compiled and installed.  The only real difference should be the
amount of available RAM.


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Software Engineer

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