Disable Samba Write Cache???

Christian Barth barth at cck.uni-kl.de
Tue Jan 26 18:04:39 GMT 1999

> 	I have a MSDOS 6.22 PC with MS Client 3.0 using a samba share on a SUN 2.6
> Solaris box. The DOS application is reading data from that share and
> updating a log file also on that share. Reading or writing is not a problem
> at all. The problem is the log file is updated every 4K. Normally it will
> take one day for the DOS application to create 4K of logging data. That
> becomes an issue as we need logging data ASAP when the DOS application
> processes something.
> 	To eliminate the source of the problem, I've tried that DOS application on
> a NFS mount using PCTCP V3.0 and the logging data is updated straight away.
> It seems to me that it may have something to do with the way SAMBA is
> implemented or designed. I may be wrong in saying that but IF it is how can
> I update the logfile quicker.
You mean the dos file grows, but is writen only every 4K to the 

Just a guess:
Have you tried "strict sync" (allways sync ?) in smb.conf?
(parameter name guessed form reading it some when.)


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