Disable Samba Write Cache???

Dan Nguyen dan.nguyen at hpa.com.au
Tue Jan 26 06:56:33 GMT 1999

Dear List,

	I have a MSDOS 6.22 PC with MS Client 3.0 using a samba share on a SUN 2.6
Solaris box. The DOS application is reading data from that share and
updating a log file also on that share. Reading or writing is not a problem
at all. The problem is the log file is updated every 4K. Normally it will
take one day for the DOS application to create 4K of logging data. That
becomes an issue as we need logging data ASAP when the DOS application
processes something.
	To eliminate the source of the problem, I've tried that DOS application on
a NFS mount using PCTCP V3.0 and the logging data is updated straight away.
It seems to me that it may have something to do with the way SAMBA is
implemented or designed. I may be wrong in saying that but IF it is how can
I update the logfile quicker.

Thanks in advance.

HPA Victoria -IT Infrastructure Team Leader
Tel: 03 92175505
Fax: 03 92175702
Dan.Nguyen at hpa.com.au
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