NT domain accounts keep being locked out

Andrew Williamson andrew.williamson at highland.gov.uk
Mon Jan 25 12:40:53 GMT 1999


Using samba-2.0.0 on aix3.2.5.. Was using 1.9.18p10 before with no
problems. I am authenticating through an NT domain (HCHQ) and have
smb.conf set so most shares are public (though one gets updated by me
every now and then). We never used encrypted passwords.

I had 'read only = true' and 'write list = andreww jons' (I also 'force
user' so that files are owned by me..) so that everyone else could read,
but I could update. This worked well on old samba, but now I appear to
have to enable encrypted passwords, make private/smbpasswd and do an
initial smbpasswd to set up an entry. However, samba is still
occassionally either receiving the wrong password or passing it to the
domain wrongly with the result that I get my account locked out (our
policy is 10 attempts and lockout). Should I disable the registry entry
for EnableClearTextPasswords now that I'm (I think) using encrypted
passwords? But then I'll need to make smbpasswd entries for anyone in
the organisation that wants to connect..

Also, it appears that although the 'force user = andreww' is in effect,
it still needs a login entry/smbpasswd for 'jons' - although he is just
in the write list - all files he creates are owned by me.

Can anyone help with this? Is there any way to get it to operate the old
way - without encrypted passwords? I've looked through all the
documentation and can find no suggestion that things have changed..

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