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Stephen L Arnold arnold.steve at
Mon Jan 25 20:15:07 GMT 1999

When the world was young, Chakaphan Supacharuwong carved some runes 
like this:  

>  I am new for Samba. I have Samba server which run on Redhat 5.0. I read
> printer_driver.txt. I follow all the steps in document. When I test print
> from Win95, it print out the header on one page(Win95 logo and Window 95
> Printer Test Page"). Then, it prints out the message body that cannot read
> on the other page. I do not know what is wrong in my smb config file. 

It sounds like the CR/LF thing.  If so, it's not a problem in 
smb.conf, but in your printer setup.  What happens when you print a 
text file from the RedHat side?  Did you setup the printer with the 
RedHat printtool (in control-panel)?  If so, did you check the 
option "fix stair-step text" for the input filter for the desired 
printer?  If you use this method to setup an SMB printer under 
RedHat, it should work fine.


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