Building Samba 2.0.0 on Redhat 5.2

Stephen Davies scldad at
Sun Jan 17 03:52:20 GMT 1999

Jim at said:
> I am having trouble installing Samba 2.0.0 (from the .tar.gz file) on
> a Redhat 5.2 system, running Linux 2.0.36.  I am *NOT* using shadow
> passwords, but of course am using PAM, since that is the default under
> Redhat.  Any attempt to access the Samba server using smbclient or any
> other client results in a "bad username/password" type error message
> (for valid user/password pairs).  I've tried encrypted and unencrypted
> password operation too.  For now, I've reverted to my 1.9.18p10
> binaries, which work fine with the same smb.conf.

> Basically, it appears that using the new configure script, something
> is getting setup wrong as far as password authentication goes.  No
> matter what options I try to pass to comfigure, it appears that it is
> setting up for both PAM and shadow password authentication (it finds a
> shadow.h I believe).  The only other time I have personally since this
> error crop up is when I installed Samba once on a system that DID use
> shadow passwords, and I had built it without shadow password support.
> Compiling for shadow support in that case fixed the problem.

It is not just Redhat 5.2. I have a home-built 2.0.36 system that shows 
similar problems except that mine is the opposite to Jim's in that I use shadow 
passwords and do not use PAM but my new Samba build includes both.

It looks to me as if the tests used to select the password validation method 
are too simplistic. It looks as if the mere presence of shadow.h and/or 
pam_appl.h is used to decide what to include.

To fix it, I just commented out all reference to PAM in configure.h and 

Everything (including SWAT) now seems to work smoothly.

Thanks again to the Samba team.

Stephen Davies.

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