Password server and account lockout

Firebeard stend+samba at
Thu Jan 14 01:30:24 GMT 1999

	I'm using an NT domain which I don't administer as a password
server for two samba servers I run, and I'm running into a problem
with accounts getting locked out for invalid passwords.  Looking at
the server_validate function in password.c, I see that this (the bad
passwords) is deliberate - an attempt to detect a security hole in NT, 
but this is causing a lot of problems when installing a series of "You 
must reboot your system" applications, since each reboot causes a pair 
of invalid login attempts.  Does anyone know of a less hostile way of
of detecting this security hole (so that it can go into password.c),
or should I just hardcode the flag that says the server is safe?

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