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Stephen L Arnold arnold.steve at
Thu Jan 14 00:24:05 GMT 1999

When the world was young, Anne Sauvage carved some runes like this:

> Samba 1.9.16p11 on Sun OS 5.6
> For a NT4 Server SP4, I can not access to the samba server. When I look
> at the log.MachineName file, I see the error "password server not
> avalaible".
> I must say that it is working fine with an NT4 SP4 server on the same
> domain with the same user account.
> I have change the registry to authorize non-encrypted password.

It sounds like my experience (we just got our first NT workstation 
machine - NT4-SP3).  I'm pretty good at bludgeoning win9x into 
submission, but NT's a different animal altogether.  After 
installing the plaintext password hack, I still couldn't access my 
samba box (but I could see it in NetHood).  It would ask for a 
password (and say it was connecting as the right user) but it still 
wouldn't let me in.  I found something in the WinNT.txt file:

> The other major ramification of this feature of NT is that it can't
> browse a user level non-encrypted server unless it already has a
> connection open. This is because there is no spot for a password
> prompt in the browser window. It works fine if you already have a
> drive mounted (for example, one auto mounted on startup).

Once I mapped a drive using the Net Use command, I can now browse 
fine from the NT box.  Hope this helps, Steve

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