Samba and logrotate from Redhat

Bruce Tenison btenison at
Mon Jan 11 15:09:27 GMT 1999

> >From what I know about RedHat's logrotate, you can specify arbitrary
> shell commands to be executed after log file rotation. So, it would be
> no problem to have logrotate kill and restart the samba processes.
Yeah, that works...  I'm not sure if there are any consequences of killing
and restarting samba like that.    Also, I wasn't sure where to put the
kill and restart postrotate commands, since there are three files that get
rotated (log.smb, log.nmb, and samba-log)  I'm not sure how logrotate
evaluates these entries in the configuration file, and at one time had all
entried stop and restart the server...  Decided on the cron job method,
but was hoping to go back to the HUP signalling, since it seems to be the
"standard" way of telling a daemon to re-read the conf file and restart

Thanks for the information.  Guess, we'll go back to the stop and restart
method for a while!


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