Master Browser?

Ashley Drees ash at
Mon Jan 11 15:26:19 GMT 1999

I recently changed the IP address of my Samba server, when I had 
finished and all seemed well I could no longer see the server in the 
browse list of the win95 clients.  I have all the clients configured 
using DHCP and all the clients seem to have the correct configuration 
and all function.

I could  not attach to the server using its netbios name, but I could 
using its IP address...
net use . I have managed to get all the clients working by adding the 
server into the lmhosts file, and making it preload.  The version of 
samba I am using is 1.9.18p10-3, RHL 5.2.


I have set it as master browser, preferred browsmaster, I have the 
netbios name in the config file.

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