Samba and logrotate from Redhat

Bruce Tenison btenison at
Mon Jan 11 14:25:36 GMT 1999

Has anyone had any success in getting Samba to correctly restart logging
to the log files with the default logrotate setup (or even a modified one)
from RedHat?  The default setup is to move the files to another location,
create a new file for Samba to fill, then send the daemons a HUP signal.

I've tried some of the options that can be used in the logrotate.d/samba
file (nocreate and copytruncate) without success...   Currently, I'm
allowing the default behavior without sending the HUP signal (the file
move and the creation of an empty log file) then having a cron job restart
the daemons by killing all the processes with a signal 9, and restarting.

Just wondering if there is a more elegant solution, or if there are any
unforseen problems with my "solution"


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