mapping drives

Albert Hopkins marduk at
Sat Jan 9 00:23:11 GMT 1999


Try the "username map" option in smb.conf.  I haven't tried it but it
seems like what you are looking for.


On Sat, 9 Jan 1999, Cindy Hodgins wrote:

> I'm new to Samba, and we just loaded it here at our site to
> interact with NT.  We're running Sun Solaris 2.5.1, and
> NT TERMINAL SERVER 4.0.  (Forgive the caps, but we've found
> this multi user environment wreaks havoc on some
> applications).  The drives are served out fine, and everyone
> can map under the user id they have logged onto NT with.
> All NT ids match the Unix id. However, you can't map a drive
> under another userid.  This is fine for all but the
> NT administrator, because we'd like to map drives as the
> Unix id root there.  Can this be done?  Thanks.
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