Samba 1.9.18 DOS to UNIX and back with ASCII

Panyarak Aaron Ngamsritragul panya at
Fri Jan 8 15:21:34 GMT 1999

On Fri, 8 Jan 1999, William Stuart wrote:

> This is a universal problem in UNIX and NT integration.  AFAIK, SAMBA does
> nothing to make this conversion.
> There are folks who are working on a solution, but it won't be perfect.

This seems not samba related, but it is interesting to have this
problem solved.
I know of many editors, some do not support convertion Unix and DOS 
file format and some do.

In unix platform, it should be possible to customize vi amd emacs
or any other editors to support conversion in some way.

Why in DOS, or Windows9x, or NT at least the edit command in DOS
mode is capable to edit ASCII file in both formats with no
problem.  I do not know why Notepad.exe does not have this 
capability.  It is amazing!


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