Is this a <byte range> locking problem?

Avantel Systems alex at
Fri Feb 26 18:17:07 GMT 1999

I can save and retrieve a W95 wordpad document to/from a Samba share if it
is all text but if it contains a graphic only the save works - I can't
retrieve it.  Wordpad complains that the document can't be found and I
should check the filename or path <not always the same error message>.  I
have similar problems with other applications - it's not just wordpad.  The
problem is the same regardless of whether security is user or share and it
occurs on at least 3 clients that I have tested.

I think it's related to file locking but I do not know how to check for
that. What should I be looking for and/or change in my configuration to fix
this.  RH Linux 5.0, Samba 1.9.18p5, code page 437.

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