Authentication Problem Citrix NT 3.51 Samba 2.0.2

Kirk Patton kirk.patton at
Fri Feb 26 18:33:30 GMT 1999


I am currently testing my old samba configuration, 1.9.18p10, under
samba 2.0.2.

Everything appeard o.k. for the first few hours, but then I started
receiving calls from users of our Citrix based multi user NT 3.51
servers, that some of them could not connect to the samba shares.

We are using two Citrix based boxes.  Windd from Tektronix and NTRIGUE.

I only had one user on the Windd server complain.  I had multiple users
from the NTRIGUE server who could not connect.  

I did some testing.

My samba server smb.conf file uses the %L so that I can have multple
virtual servers with different names and configurations.  One used
encrypted passwords and server authentication, and the other did not use
encryption but did use server authentication to an NT domain.  

For the user on Windd, all attempts to connect to the samba server using
encrypted passwords failed.  When connecting to the server without
encrypted passwords, it worked.  I checked the log file and there were
entries saying the password was rejected from the NT server and it then
failed over to checking the smbpasswd file.  Other users including
myself had no problem under windd connecting to  samba 2.0.2.  If I added 
the user who had problems to the smbpasswd file, it allowed access.

For users of the NTRIGUE server, I was not aware of any successfull
connections to the samba server.  Again, adding the user to the
smbpasswd file resulted in them gaining access to the shares again.

I ended up killing the samba 2.0.2 daemons and restarting the 1.9.18p10
daemons and everyone is authenticating properly again.

Since the behavior on the windd server was inconsistant between users, I
thought perhaps I ran into some bug.

Has anyone else experienced authentication problems with Samba 2.0.2 and
WinNT 3.51 Citrix based servers?

Any help would be appreciated.


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