very confusing problem - "solved!"

Hank Burton wburton at
Wed Feb 24 04:51:29 GMT 1999

Samba Users:

Just FYI. We were able to find a "solution" to our file transfer problem.
Since the card is a 10/100 NetGear NIC, we plugged the card into a 10/100
port of an Ethernet switch. The two devices negotiated the 100Mbps speed
and the files were transferred reliably every time.

This ulitmately does not explain the problems when connecting the system to
a 10Mbps hub, but right now I don't care because it works and I can do
other items.

Thanks for everyone's suggestions concerning this problem. I appreciate
your time very much.

  Hank Burton
  Literati Information Technology, LLC     wburton at
  PO Box 638                     
  68 High Street
  Morgantown, WV  26507-0638               (304) 296-8026

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