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Wed Feb 24 02:22:07 GMT 1999


I've recently installed a Cobalt Qube (i.e Linux Server) to handle email 
and filesharing requirements for a small business ... replacing an NT 
Workstation, however I'd like to maintain the current backup process 
which is ARCserver running on an NT Server.

This was working fine NT to NT (i.e NT Server does a backup of its local 
drives, and then does a backup of the shares on the NT Workstation), but 
I don't seem to be able to get it to backup the Qube in the same fashion 
(the Qube is running SAMBA).

Having a closer look at what is happening I note that the NT Server is 
running ARCserver for NT - Single Server Edition, which will happily 
backup shares on remote NT Workstations but not other NT Servers ... for 
that I'm told you need ARCserve for NT - Enterprise Edition.

There are a couple of possible solutions ... 

1.   upgrade to ARCserve for NT - Enterprise Edition ($$$)

2.   install a module to support Linux clients (if such a beast is 

3.   configure SAMBA so it "appears" on the network as an NT Workstation.

Personally I'd like to keep it simple and just backup the shares on the 
Qube, so option 3 is my preference ... is it possible?

Since the Qube comes completely preconfigured, I didn't have to install 
Linux or SAMBA so I have no experience with SAMBA except as an end user.  
I'd guess a change to /etc/smb.conf is required ...

Cheers,  Malcolm

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