Large uptime

Hall, Ken (ECCS) KeHall at
Tue Feb 23 16:40:22 GMT 1999

I have Linux and Netware servers that have run well over 6 months at a time
with no problems.  Not only don't they have ECC, I don't even think the
SIMMS have parity!

I also have a customer with an SCO OpenServer system (with Samba) that ran
continuously for about 8 months, and a few years back, I had an IX/386
system that ran on an old 386 supposedly for a year and a half without a

When they finally DID shut it off to move it, the 5-1/4 ESDI hard drive
seized and we had to wait till it cooled down before we could start it up
again.  After letting it cool down and cleaning out the dust, it came right
up.  They only used it for a few weeks after that so we didn't get a chance
to try to break the record.

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> > Hello,
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> > At 07.48 23/02/99 +1100, you wrote:
> > >Now, the only thing I can think of is that this server had been up for
> > >approx. 144 days. Are the problems we experienced somehow related to
> that?
> > >Perhaps a problem with the 2.0.34 kernel? I am interested to hear other
> > >people's stories running samba under Linux 2.0.x with long uptimes or
> from
> > >anyone who can shed some light on my mini-mystery.
> > 
> > never reched such a long uptime. Anyway I always had problems, even with
> > much shorter uptimes, whenever I used servers without ECC memory
> modules.
> > AFAIK 1 Mbit of DRAM (megabit *not* megabyte) looses about one bit a
> month
> > on the average. In my experience uptimes longer then a week on non ECC
> > system may be really dangerous.
> Linux 2.0.13 Samba 1.9.15p8 current uptime
> sarah         up 390+19:16,     2 users,  load 0.43, 0.28, 0.17
> I had to patch ruptime when she went over 365 days. (I'd like to find
> a way to get that back into distribution...I surf and see a .no dude
> made the
> same fix 2-3 years ago)
> I really lucked onto this rock solid machine.  My other two Linux boxen
> are nowhere near this stable.
> dik

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