Compiling problems and more

Paul Crittenden crittend at
Wed Feb 17 13:29:19 GMT 1999

Good morning all:

I came in early to install samba on two other machines and encountered some

1. I am running samba 2.0.2 on a test Dec Alpha running DecUNIX 4.0d and it
works fine so I wanted to update my other 2 Alphas.  One that is running
4.0d I get the following error, it looks like on all the programs it tries
to compile:

#define inline
Compiling smbd/nttrans.c
cc: Warning: /usr/include/sys/cdefs.h, line 102: The redefinition of the
macro "inline" conflicts
 with a current definition because the replacement lists differ.  The
redefinition is now in effe

Any ideas what is happening here?

2. I went ahead and did a make install even with this error and I keep
getting bad password errors on the server and the client.  Could the
compiling error contribute to this?  I checked my settings on the new
machine with the test machine and they look identical to me.

3. I set up swat on this machine also and it won't let me authenticate.  It
says the password is bad.  Compiling problems?

4. On the other machine which is running 4.0b I get the error:

Compiling smbd/server.c
cc: Severe: /usr/include/prot.h, line 71: Cannot find file <acl.h>
specified in #include directiv
#include <acl.h>
cc: Error: /usr/include/prot.h, line 71: Object file deleted.
#include <acl.h>
*** Exit 1

I assume it is looking for something to do with acl's which don't come in
until 4.0d.  Is this correct and if so can I get around it?

Thanks in advance.

Paul Crittenden
Computer System Manager
Simpson College
e-mail: crittend at

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