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Performance is the same when dragging files in explorer, this is how I noticed this behavior originally. FTP performance is not much better. 100 kb/s from samba to win and 687 kb/s from win to samba. The windows box was tweaked with mtuspeed.exe as per the directions in the Speed2.txt doc included with samba. MaxMTU = remove, RWIN = remove, MTUAutoDiscover = disable, MTUBlackHoleDetect = disable, TTL = enabled, TTL Hops = 32, NDI Cache Size = 0.

mikel at
Michael T. Ledford

> The problem is during testing with smbclient I am only
> able to get 9 kb/s on a put to a win95 box. I get an acceptable 490 kb/s
> with a get from the same unit. I have tried every setting I could think of
> and still the same results. I have tried socket options, adjusted
> read/write raw. max xmit, max read. I got MTUspeed off of the net and
> tried adjusting the tcp settings on the windoze box. Can somebody please
> help me figure this out or tell me what I am doing wrong.

What kind of SMB performance do you get when you just drag files 
back and forth in windoze exploder?  What about ftp performance?  
You should average about 500 k/sec each way w/ftp and about 400 
k/sec w/smb over a 10 Mbs ethernet.  Use files of 5-10 megs for a 
good average.

Which TCP/IP parameters did you tweak on the windoze client (and 
how did you tweak them)?

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