Locking problem - suspect it's badly behaved app

Sean Murphy sean.murphy at Teltec.DCU.IE
Tue Feb 16 14:47:19 GMT 1999

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I've got a problem with locking when using Ghostview to display 
postscript files on the server.

I'm modifying the files through my unix a/c and displaying them on 
my pc via samba with ghostview. I had a look at the faqs which told 
me that this wasn't a very good idea. However, it would make my life 
a bit easier if I could do it.

My problem is that when I modify the file on the server I can't view 
the modified file on my pc until some time later (basically, until the 
lock has been released), even if I kill ghostview and start it again.

I had a look at the locking info (via smbstatus) and I found that when 
I open the file for viewing with ghostview the postscript file is locked. 
When I kill ghostview, however, the lock is not released. This is in 
contrast to what happens when I open (for example) an excel file on 
the server. In that case, a lock is created and when I close the file, 
the lock is released immediately. Hence, I think ghostview is at fault.

So, my questions are 1) is ghostview at fault? 2) if so, how can 
ghostview be modified to ensure that the file open and close 
operations create and release the locks properly? 3) if ghostview is 
not at fault, what is likely to be the problem?


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