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Mon Feb 15 15:01:17 GMT 1999

hello all!!

I have just recently begun my trials and tribulations with samba.
One of the things I was looking todo is allow a user (lets say joescmo
useing ntws 4) connect to our samba server (solaris 2.6) and access his home
directory as well as restricted access to a client directory that he

I dont want to make a static share just for him, but rather for a group
(valid group = @client)

the problem I am having is this, the user (joescmo) can login and see his
home directory (share) but does not see the client share.. the client share
resides under a client directory (/cust/client)

would I need to use smbusers? and if so what is the syntax for an entry in
the smbusers file (unable to find a doc / man page for smbusers)

Thanxs for your assistance!!


Ronald J. Yacketta
Sr. System Administrator
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