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Wu, Stephen (Aco Service Co.) stephen.wu-eds at
Fri Feb 12 15:26:16 GMT 1999

I have a few questions would like to ask some experts here:

1. I am trying to upgrade on of my samba 1.9.16 to 2.00, but I could not
find out the password conversion utility from AIX to smbpasswd.  I mean the
utility that converts the /etc/passwd to /usr/local/samba/private/smbpasswd.
That way, I don't need to affect all my users password. Docs told me there
is one available on the WEB. Can anyone tell me where I can get it ?

2. Besides the socket options in smb.conf, what else would be the tuning
parameters for better speed performance for SAMBA ?

3. This might be a bug in samba 2.0.0: I played with SWAT for a bit. It
looks good but I find out some problem if I have a line "include
=..../%L.conf" line in the smb.conf file, it will mess up my smb.conf file.
For my case, it removed the %L variable so that my AIX other netbios name
can not be broadcasted to the network.

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