Multi-Segment Wan Browsing

Patrick Nixon gart at
Fri Feb 12 15:06:50 GMT 1999

Okay, I'm just getting into Samba stuff and I need to configure a WINS
Browsing network over a WAN.

I've read the browsing and browsing-config files, but something just isn't

Subnet1 has the Wins Server and three machines (configured to use wins)
Subnet2 has a win95 pc (configured to use wins)
subnet3 has an NT machine and a win95 machine (wins here too)
subnet4 has an NT machine and a win95 machine (wins also)

There are two different workgroups right now, but at least one machine on
each subnet belongs to the workgroup for subnet1 (admin)

There is connectivity between all the hosts, they can be opened by \\name
and by \\IP-Address

but they won't show up in the browser beyond the local subnets

Running Samba 2.0.2
domain master=yes
local master=yes
wins support=yes
I can verify tthat the machines are talking to the wins server, and that
it's answering lookups for it.

Any ideas or suggestions would be greatly appreciated


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