'not listening for calling name' error

Paul Sherwin psherwin at telinco.co.uk
Wed Feb 10 21:01:47 GMT 1999

On Wed, Feb 10 David Taylor wrote:

> I'm new to Samba and am having problems getting Samba V1.9.18p10
> (RedHat V5.2) to respond to a login request. It's got to be something
> simple that I've overlooked - it should work out of the box?

The bundled RedHat configurations definitely do _not_ work out of the box,
because of RH IP configuration idiocy. My RH5.0 system set itself up to
broadcast a request for a DNS server whenever it needed a hostname absent
from /etc/hosts. Of course, there _isn't_ a DNS server on my network (and
on most other SOHO nets I'd imagine) so large parts of TCP/IP broke,
including samba. I fixed this by removing /etc/resolv.conf. The RH Samba
setup doesn't seem to use keepalive packets either - result, if you reboot
your W95 system, Samba doesn't always realise it and netbios name
resolution screws up (enabling the socket option SO_KEEPALIVE and adding
'keep alive = 60' in smb.conf seemed to fix things for me).

Getting a complex Samba setup to work can be a complete pain in the bum,
even if the basic configuration is correct. I suggest you start by trying
to share the /tmp directory with as much security disabled as possible.
When this works, get ready to learn about all the interesting methods of
password encryption M$ uses.

Anybody who buys a RH distibution expecting not to do any Unix system admin
is in for a very nasty shock.

Best regards, Paul

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