Beware: Samba is a hoax

Florian G. Pflug fgp at
Sat Feb 6 16:54:34 GMT 1999

> I can only conclude that Samba is an elaborate hoax and here's why.
Well.. why do you use it them... just switch to NT and spend your time
rebooting your machine after nearly every action "for the setting to take
effect" :-)

> 1) Setup is more complex than Sendmail (it set the standard for complexity)
Simply not true!... I asume you have NEVER even read an average

> 2) Even the simplest smb.conf causes trouble
Well .. I sugest reading the man-pages and using you brain

> 3) You can pass ALL the tests in the DIAGNOSIS procedure, AND
> Samba will still not let you SHARE FILES or SHARE PRINTERS between Windows
> and Unix
> but you WILL be able to BROWSE YOUR SHARES (Just pretend it might be useful)
Well.. most people have samba up and running without ever looking at


Well.. Next time, just use a WORKING win95-client (hard to get.. i know)
Or... even simplier:
Just switch to nt... no need for using tcp/ip, just use netbeui (very simple
to configure). Netbeui doesn't support routing, but who needs more than one
subnet? Should be no problem for you to pay $1000 for 5 users.....

Next time, before you mail flames about freeware, get yourselft a
linux-machine with gcc, the program sources and 
                   START MAKING IT BETTER

                                     Greetings from Florian Pflug

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