Samba Solution ? [was] Beware: Samba is a hoax

alex at alex at
Sat Feb 6 17:07:10 GMT 1999

Let me start by thanking the many people who replied to my cry for help.  I
received far fewer flames than expected and the majority of replies were
helpful and supportive.

I (think?) the problem is fixed but I do not understand what was broke.
Here's what I found and what I did (I'm hoping someone understands why this

Since the listing of shared files on the Samba host (either in a dos box or
with explorer) was causing my W95 client to freeze I decided to see if a
particular file was causing the problem.  After a 'net use x: \\sambahost\tmp'
I switched to x: and instead of asking for 'dir' I used 'dir *.log' - NO
FREEZE!  And I got a listing of the 4 log files in the \tmp directory

I kept this up until I found one single file that would cause my system to
freeze (repeatable).  So I removed that file from the \tmp directory and
tried again.  This time, no freeze.  Everything worked as it was supposed to.

So my question - is there any reason that a particular file should cause a
failure such as the one I experienced.  Here's the filename listing -
there's nothing unusual about the file and it causes my system to freeze
regardless of what's in the file (I deleted it initially and recreated it -
same size, content unknown). If I re-insert this file into the \tmp
directory I get my freezes back.

-rw-r--r--   1 root     alex           31 Feb  6 10:51 000b208e.lpq

(I changed it from the original lpq.000b208e to see if that made any
difference but it did not.)

Is this just a fluke or is there a reason that this could be the cause?

I'm baffled.


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