Samba and CHAP - the plot thickens... (PR#13440)

Jeremy Allison jallison at
Fri Feb 5 17:38:03 GMT 1999

dave at wrote:
> Method 1:
> Configure the Samba server to support Challenge-Handshake Authentication
> Protocol (CHAP) password encryption.  Please refer to your Samba
> documentation in how to configure a Samba SMB server.  NOTE: This is the
> preferred method to resolve this issue because it is more secure than
> sending unencrypted passwords over the net.
> Well, I got Samba 2.0.0, and there is no mention of CHAP...  So, does
> Samba support CHAP, or are Microsoft up themselves?  The point is, we
> don't want passwords to be sent in the clear over the network.

What they are talking about here is standard NT/Lanman
encryption. Read ENCRYPTION.txt in the Samba docs for details.

Their changes to CHAP are MS-CHAP but this has nothing
to do with their file-sharing code.


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