WinNT authentication problem

David Foy davef at
Fri Feb 5 17:34:22 GMT 1999

I am a newbie here and I have been going around in circles with this problem.

I have set up samba to use encrypted p/w and use a WinNT4 sp4 client with
registry changed for plaintextpasswords.

I can 'map network drive' successfully and peruse all the shares but if I try
to use the 'Network Neighborhood', then I can see the shares (so I guess that I
have been authenticated correctly) but I get "Access denied" if I try to
descend into them. I know the shares are OK 'cause I can 'map' to them.

Changing WinNT4 to default to encrypted p/w gives same result.

Anyone know what is different between 'mapping network drive' and 'Network
Neighborhood' which could cause one to work and the other not?


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