A configuration problem

Juan Carlos Castro y Castro jcastro at pcshop.com.br
Thu Feb 4 15:56:38 GMT 1999

Ok, so where do we find this thingie? Altavista and Hotbot know nothing
about it.

Rich_Jones at wmg.com wrote:
>         You can also get a little freeware app called   WinVI32
>         It works great with Unix text files (LF Only - thats what the squares
> are in Notepad) and DOS text files (CR/LF delimited files).  It also has a
> descent inline hex editor (at the click of a button) which works for quick
> viewing EXE files, or other files that all regular editors can't view, or
> just to see the layout of the text file.  I've used the hex editor to
> recover broken Word97 files - which means copy n pasting most of the text I
> can find.  But it's better than saying.. hey cant recover your document...
> now Excel is another monster..

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