NT4 CAN login but requires matching username

Veres Ferenc lion at altgeod.agt.bme.hu
Thu Feb 4 07:33:47 GMT 1999

Hi there,

Thanks for the ideas last time, ofcourse the share mapping by
hand didn't work, that also said bad password, just like when
connecting from Find Computer. I have tested all the ideas on
this subject which were on the list and now I have a half-
functioning NT4 - Samba 1.x connection, with PlainTextPasswords.

The problem is that I must log in to NT on the same username 
like the unix account on the Samba server! In this case the
connection works ok, 100% functionality, but if I log in as
for example "Administrator" the name/password is not accepted
on Samba connection! Do you have any idea?  (It is usual problem
in Win95, I know, because on new connections win95 gives edit box
for Password field only, but NT shows Connect As: editbox as well!?)

Thank you in advance,

Ferenc Veres
Techical University of Budapest
Department of Surveying

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