NT clients still not working

Todd Bedell bedellt at macom.com
Wed Feb 3 17:49:30 GMT 1999

To all,

My samba install (HPUX 10.20) version 1.9.16 works fine for 95 clients,
but still does not work for NT clients. I have tried modifying the allow
hosts to add everything on our network, and I have added a username map
as well as several other changes. When I select the UNIX box from network
neighborhood, and select the appropriate directory (share), I
am presented with a login box that allows username and password inputs.
When I enter an appropriate UNIX login, I get the following error:

\\machinename\users is not accessible
The account is not authorized to login form this station.

If anyone has any ideas here, I would appreciate your input. I have
mailed the list earlier and received a few suggestions, none of which
seemed to do the trick.

Please Help,
bedellt at macom.com

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