Benchmark results

David Collier-Brown davecb at Canada.Sun.COM
Wed Feb 3 20:04:40 GMT 1999

say the server has a singe 4GB ide drive. Not a terribly fast device...

  However, the chart at,4537,2196106,00.html
says we got about 32 "mbits per second".

  32 mbits/s == 4 mbytes/s, assuming 8-bit bytes.
  Purely for argument, assume no overhead for SMB and TCP/IP headers.

  A single 7200 rpm scsi drive will start about 70 i/o operations a
and if we assume that 100% of them are for data, and the buffer size is
8 KB, we'll get 560 KB/Sec of throughput from one drive.
(In fact, less than 100% are for data).

  So we're getting 4 mbytes/s on the wire, while reading .560 mbyes/sec
off the disk.

  Methinks this benchmark allows lots of server-side caching (;-))
Anyone care to comment on the method(ology)?

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