Security=share vs. Security=server

Steve Berlage ms041 at
Mon Feb 1 18:03:34 GMT 1999

I am testing the new (2.0.0) release of samba (on Irix 6.5) and have a
couple questions.

With version 1.9.18p10 of samba I have the option "security=server"
set.  I can connect to it from both Win95 and Win/NT machines with no
problems.  When I use the same exact config file in Samba 2.0.0, I can
still connect with an NT, but Win95 fails to even find the samba server
when doing a "find computer".  If I change the line to say
"security=share" the Win95 machines work fine but I have some undesired
results on the NT's (you must type a password for each share).

I've read the docs and I know some changes were made in this area but is
there anyway for me to upgrade without having this problem?

Thanks in advance


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