CANNOT BROWSE (the solution)

Mon Feb 1 17:43:19 GMT 1999

Dave Lawson wrote:
> Thanks for the info Rick!
> We also have the problem that the Samba server does not show up on the
> browse list in NT 4 SP3. We need to explicitly specify the Samba server
> name. 

What does your log file on the samba box says, when you try to browse
your network? You maybe have to increase the log level=... first in

What network protocols have you installed? tcp/ip is enough ... you
don´t need any other protocol.

> On some PC's, even that doen't work and we need to specify the ip.
> Have you encountered this? Any ideas?

Seems to be a conversion problem between machine name <-> ip adress.
Remember, this is done using the .../hosts file on your LOCAL machine!
Have a look at it. Can you *ping* from your local machine to the samba
box using the machine name or have you to use the ip adress?

hope this helps (for the first)


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