smbfs problems in 2.0.6

Urban Widmark urban at
Thu Dec 30 13:03:28 GMT 1999

On Thu, 30 Dec 1999, Keith G. Murphy wrote:

> I continue to have the same problems in Samba 2.0.6 with smbfs that I
> was seeing in 2.0.5:
> (1) After a mount (mount -t smbfs etc.), the volume is often not yet
> fully mounted.  For instance, if I write a Perl script like:
> (2) The mount always returns success, since it doesn't even wait for the
> mount to complete properly.

I believe this is a known mount problem. Try getting a new mount from the
util-linux package:

Where you getting this with 2.0.5 too? That's strange since 2.0.5 didn't
use mount -t, or do you have some magic script as mount.smbfs ?

> (3) After some period of time, the mount seems to "go away", such that
> 'df' shows a "Input/output error".

Before 2.0.6 there was a lot of discussion about mounts that where dying
but I thought this was fixed in 2.0.6 ... (smbmount died and when the
smbfs wanted to talk to smbmount it was gone -> Input/output error).

Does your mount (mount.smbfs?) process stay around? If it doesn't then all
that needs to be done is figure out why it dies :)

You are sure that it is smbmount from 2.0.6 that is used and not some
left-over from 2.0.5? (sorry, just checking)


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