Do i need samba 2.1 for NT-workstation ???

tbsky_lee at tbsky_lee at
Thu Dec 23 04:22:07 GMT 1999

We have dos,windows 31,95,98, and NT workstation here.
  samba act as a domain logon server.
  for dos and windows 31,95,98 it is very good.
  but for NT workstation i don't know how to configure....
  i make the "netlogon" and "profile" share. and NT client can logon.
  but how do i prevent NT to write files to "profile" ??
  we just want NT workstations to act as 95/98, and
  we don't need any "roaming profile"..
  in fact, our clinet want to use the same username/password
  to logon, and "roaming profile" is doing the wrong things for us...

  Can NT-workstation logon to samba  and keep the
  user right at local machine ?

   for example : we have a user account "tbsky" at NT-workstation
   and we create that account at samba. and make some shares
   avaliable for "tbsky" (at logon script)

   Now, can we use the name "tbsky"  to logon samba, get shares
   , and keep the rights at local NT-workstation ???

   Thanks for Reply !!!

   Best Regards,

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