Samba performance on FreeBSD

Martin Welk mw at
Mon Dec 20 21:38:00 GMT 1999

On Tue, Dec 21, 1999 at 04:28:44AM +1100, Dan O'Connor wrote:

> The slow write times in FreeBSD seems to have been fixed late in the Samba
> 2.0.5a life-cycle. Make sure you're using the latest Samba (and rebuild the
> port so the patches take effect) and the latest FreeBSD. I find that Samba
> 2.0.6 humms along quite nicely under FreeBSD 3.4-STABLE.

Hm. The FreeBSD port for Samba seems now to use Samba 2.0.6. I went through
the patches of that port a moment ago, and just to be sure: the necessary
changes went right in Samba and have nothing more to do with FreeBSD in
this case? That means, if I decide to take some 2.1-snapshot of Samba and
use it (of course, on my own risk), I should see that performance break-in
without the socket options line? Fine, thank you! :-)

(Could you be so kind and give a short explanation why there was that
bad performance before? Thank you very much in advance.)

> Also, you might want to consider using softupdates to speed up writing in
> general. (See /usr/src/sys/ufs/ffs/README.softupdates and
> /usr/src/sys/contrib/softupdates/README) Softupdates gives you (close to)
> the speed of async writes without the inherent data-loss danger...

Thank you, I know, I'm running softupdates on about 10 machines at work
yet, all with plenty of RAM (okay, starting from 64 mb over to 96, 256
and 512 mbyte :-) ), it's significant faster and we never happend to
have any data corruption or other trouble caused of that.


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