Gerald Carter cartegw at Eng.Auburn.EDU
Fri Dec 17 18:00:28 GMT 1999

Gerry Maddock wrote:
> I posted a question the other day about logon scripts 
> and had no reply....
> Do any of you use them? My question is, I have a 
> logon script setup to run when the useres logon. When 
> they logon, the script never runs. Its not a user 
> specific script its, for all users. attached is my smb.conf
> file

>From your smb.conf...

	logon script = /b/logon/gerry.bat

Problem is that values for the 'logon script' parameter
should be DOS pathnames relative to \\server\netlogon.
The above line is an invalid DOS path.

Place a copy of gerry.bat in [netlogon] and set

	logon script = gerry.bat

Also make sure that that the file is in DOS text (CR/LF).

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