input/output error when mounting share

Werner Loibl werner.loibl at
Fri Dec 17 11:20:19 GMT 1999

Hi there!

I'm having troubles mounting a samba-share that is located on a samba
2.0.5a server (which I have no root access to). I succeded in connecting to
the share with smbclient (with smbclient /server/share passwd -U user), but
when I do a smbmount /server/share passwd -c "mount /mnt" -U user I only
get a "input/output error" when I try to list the contents.
I used Samba 2.0.3 and upgraded to 2.0.6 - nothing changed. I have compiled
smbfs as module and it shows up as used, when I have mounted the share. I
also tried the -W and the -n option of smbmount. Can there be problems with
some settings in my smb.conf?

I'm having no more ideas what else to try...



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