Zip disk filenames converted to all uppercase

Jack jack at
Tue Dec 14 23:51:08 GMT 1999

Please understand that I'm rather new to Linux and Samba, so bear with me a moment, but here is the problem.

There is a ZIP drive (one of the older original models) connected to 
a Slackware Linux box that is running Samba.  Also in the network is 
a Windows box, and on this box there is a program called Windows Commander, which is basically a file manager program that is a bit similar to the old Norton Commander program from early DOS days.

If I use Windows Commander to copy a file from the Windows box to a directory on the hard drive on the Linux box, there is no problem.  Filenames are saved using the correct case and date.

Now when the ZIP drive is mounted, it appears as a directory off the 
root directory (e.g. /zip).  When accessed from the Linux box, it works as expected.  That is, if I copy a file from the hard drive on the Linux box to the zip drive, the filename and date are correct.

BUT... If I use Windows Commander to navigate to the /zip directory 
(really the root directory on the ZIP drive) and try to copy a file DIRECTLY from the Windows box to a zip disk, the filename get changed to ALL UPPERCASE.  The date and time are correct, only the filename gets changed.

I tried adding the following to smb.conf:

         comment = Iomega Zip Drive
         path = /zip
         valid users = jack
         path = /zip
         valid users = jack
         public = no
         writable = yes
         printable = no
         preserve case=yes

(Note the "preserve case=yes".  Still didn't help).

Now I can of course copy the files from the Windows box to a temp 
directory on the Linux box, then go there and (as root) do a   cd 
/zip   and then a    cp /temp/*.* .   but then I have another 
problem, which is that the file dates get changed to the current date 
and time.  Or, I can try to do a mv rather than a cp, and that works 
(and the original file dates are preserved) but I get an error 
message for each file and the original file in the temp directory 
doesn't get deleted (in other words, mv works the way I want the cp 
command to work, but it gives me a bunch of error 
messages!).  Granted that this probably shows my relative inexperience with Linux, but anyway, my question for the list is, why do the filenames get uppercased when I use Samba, and is there anything I can do about it?

In case it matters, here is how I have to mount the zip drive (someone else gave me this info, all I know is that it works):

modprobe scsi_mod
modprobe sd_mod
modprobe parport_pc
modprobe ppa
mount /dev/sda4 /zip -t vfat

(Note that if I don't use the "-t vfat" in the last line, the filenames get saved in 8.3 format!).

Thanks in advance for any help!

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